You Can Do It

This month, our blog series is actually a vlog series – a video blog, that is! We’re calling it “The NEXT Few Minutes.” Over the next several weeks, we’ll share with you short, 2-3 minute videos from a variety of folks around the country with the hopes they spark your own imagination. We hope you’ll learn about some trends, ask questions, and think deeply about the practice of ministry in your own setting.

Denise Anderson, pastor of Unity Presbyterian Church in Temple Hills, MD, and co-moderator of the 222nd General Assembly, and her daughter Layla consider passions. Where has God placed fire in your belly? Instead of worrying about what everyone else is doing, what is God especially equipping you to do? Join the conversation by commenting on this blog post or on our Facebook/Twitter pages!

To see all of our videos in our “The NEXT Few Minutes” series, check out our playlist on Youtube.

5 replies
  1. Sue
    Sue says:

    Fire in the Belly! That could be a great sermon series!! Thanks for a great idea and video. Your authenticity shines.

  2. Dianna Wright
    Dianna Wright says:

    Layla and Denise, THANK YOU!!!!
    I appreciate the words that reminded me to focus on my passions. It really does make those things which aren’t so high on my list, doable.
    I think we have a lot of people in our congregations that don’t know or have forgotten that every gift of God can be used in glorify God in some way. From a love of cursive writing, to a love for animals, to a love for words.
    Thank you for A Great Word!!!

  3. Jen Kottler
    Jen Kottler says:

    Thank you, Layla and Denise! How could I not leave a comment when you asked so nicely. I loved your video because I know that you are right on! Thanks for taken the time to remind all of us that we can do whatever God has placed on our hearts to do.

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