Workshop Materials: Intersectionality and Why Palestine Matters

Workshop: Intersectionality and Why Palestine Matters
Presenter: Addie Domske and Marietta Macy

Addie and Marietta offer the following resources following their workshop “Intersectionality and Why Palestine Matters”:

  • The book Why Palestine Matters: The Struggle to End Colonialism. Study questions for small group settings are provided in the back of the book. Visit its website here to order a copy.
  • You can access the Prezi they used in their workshop here.
  • Some of the folks they mentioned as informing their work included Walter Brueggemann, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Blair Imani, Nyle Fort, Angela Davis, Marc Lamont Hill, and Ilhan Omar.
  • The quote they ended their workshop with, in reference to the recent UMC vote, is copied here for you with permission. It was written by the Executive Director of FOSNA, Tarek Abuata:
    This was indeed a painful breaking of Christ’s Intersectional Body, one that strikes at everyone’s individual hearts and queerness.
    As a Queer Palestinian man, I will continue to call upon the Church to understand that my body is not one that it can, or has the right, to rip apart into identities as it seeks justice. Justice for my body is an internal union and a spiritual union from birth. In our Church’s justice calls, I add my personal call for us to network with all LGBTQI persons globally to unite them into The Church as the church continues to rip their bodies apart from God.
    Thank you all for you work of love into another step closer to the Beloved Community, one that points to Earthly divisions and to a greater Heaven to come. Salaam friends, Tarek
  • Thanks to a helpful question, we touched briefly on the different ID laws for Israeli nationals (Jewish) versus Israeli citizens (Palestinian) and on the Jewish Nation State Law. Here is a helpful analysis of that citizenship v. national question, published yesterday in Mondoweiss. We are ones for uplifting visuals, and there is a helpful group called Visualizing Palestine that helps uncomplicated the complicated ID system here.
  • As a reminder, we do a lot of our organizing work with these organizations:
  • Lastly, a devotional resource Addie curated is attached. It has some good sources for you if you’re interested in theologizing some of the things we discussed. In her youth group, they have their annual lock-in over Columbus Day weekend so we always have our devotional programming around the concept of decolonizing our theology. We used the welcome and acknowledgement from that resource at the beginning of our workshop session to name the native land we were on for our talk. Remember that the Native Land app is a helpful resource for the practice of land recognition work! As a further theological resource, we would commend the Sabeel Jerusalem Wave of Prayer to you, a once-per-week prayer to your inbox that cites news happening in the Holy Land and prays along with the World Council of Churches.
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