The Enneagram (webinar recordings)

A webinar series, taught by Paul Rack.

Session 1: What is the Enneagram and what are the 9 types? Listen here.

Session 2: How do types interact and how do we grow within our type? Listen here.

Session 3: Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Practices within the types. Listen here.

[You can listen to the recordings by clicking above, however, the slides to which Paul refers are copyrighted and cannot be posted. You can find helpful diagrams in The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso & Hudson.]

A 1981 M.Div graduate of Princeton Seminary, Paul F. Rack has served as a Pastor in the PCUSA for 31 years. He has worked in small and medium-sized churches in New York, Boston, and New Jersey, and is currently in his 4th position as Interim Pastor.  Since 2000, he has been the Stated Clerk of Elizabeth Presbytery. He has published articles on ministry and polity, and blogs at, his main interests being spirituality, discipleship, and ecclesiology in emergence Christianity. Paul is authorized to lead workshops by the Enneagram Institute of Stone Ridge, NY, where he is a candidate for certification as an Enneagram Counselor. He lives in Martinsville, NJ, with his wife, Susan (also a Pastor), and has a son in college, Daniel.