Christmas Graces

By Patti Snyder

Thank you,

Giver of all good gifts and One who shapes order out of chaos, for…


women and men whose lives are formed by your grace

and who are finding ways to grow;


the magic of ideas born into action

and carried out with energy;


faith strong enough to speak the truth in love;


the circle of care created when friends share

struggles, hopes, laughter, and tears;


three- year- old wonder

20- year- old persistence,

and 60- year- old depth;


colleagues formed through thoughtful interaction

and respectful support;


families strong enough to risk appearing weak by showing affection;


the gifts of freedom and responsibility challenging us to care

for your children and earth with

our votes, voices, and priorities;


and the miracle of Immanuel not just at the birth of a child,

but at each time and in each very particular way God is with us.


Thank you, powerful and caring God,

for the continued reminder offered by the arch of the sky

to turn and return to you.


Thank you, God of hope and justice, for each new season and day-

every one a new chance for people and places to embody your ways.

Peace to you, Amen.

photo credit: rabasz via photopin cc

photo credit: rabasz via photopin cc

written by the Reverend Patti Snyder

for an Agnes Scott College newsletter, December 1992