Sabbatical Resources

“Sabbatical” comes from Sabbath, following the Biblical command to observe the seventh day of Sabbath. A sabbatical is an opportunity to step away from the many tasks of daily ministry to rest and be renewed by God. But preparing oneself and preparing a congregation for a sabbatical is a lot of work!

Pastors Roy Howard and Mark Greiner share resources that have helped their communities.

A Brochure about the Sabbatical for the Congregation Sabbatical Brochure to view and download.

A List of Sabbatical Resources (from CHARIS Ecumenical Center), including Sources of Information, Grant Sources, Programs or Informal Arrangements, Sabbatical Retreat Information, and Study Resources. SabbaticalResources to view and download.

A Template for the Contract with a Stated Supply Pastor  for use while the pastor is on sabbatical. Stated Supply Pastor Agreement to view and download

An Article about the Pastor’s Particular Need for Sabbath by Lisa Hess (from the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence program at Duke Divinity)