Our online roundtables are one-hour conversations around a particular topic hosted via Zoom. We emphasize conversation because this isn’t a traditional webinar where an expert presents information and the rest of us consume it. Our roundtables are designed for collective participation and learning, and for everyone to leave the conversation with more ideas and resources for their ministry.


Tuesday, July 16 at 1pm Eastern

Topic: Book Discussion on “The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love” by bell hooks

Facilitator: Rev. Christopher De La Cruz

In “The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love,” bell hooks writes about the false self men have to put up to be a “real man.” Relationships are based off of power, fear, and dominance. Men are not allowed to express their emotions, to be vulnerable – to be fully human. The self-worth of men is determined by how much control – violence and force – they can exercise on their surroundings.

As church leaders, how do patriarchal norms affect our leadership norms? Rachel Held Evans once said on social media that she felt church growing up for her boiled down to men talking at her. Is this the best a pastor can be?

We invite you to pick up a copy of “The Will To Change” and read as much of it as you can by July 16. Write down a few questions you have or topics you’d like addressed and join us for a discussion.

Want to know more about the book? Read Christopher’s recent blog post explaining how the text is impacting his ministry.



We are serving God’s church in a rapidly changing culture – a time when there are no “silver bullet” solutions to the challenges congregations face. A time when “experts” no longer have all the answers. In this time, our call is to pay attention to the Spirit of God already at work among us; thus, we seek to create what Gil Rendle calls a “community of practice” ­– a place where we bring to consciousness the wisdom and learning we have and share it with one another.


We offer roundtables several times a year in response to current events, input from church leaders, and learnings from other gatherings.


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