Antiracism as a
Available for purchase and use in Spring 2024

Antiracism as a Way of Being is a six-session webinar series developed for NEXT Church by Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & TrainingThe series seeks to fulfill the following outcomes:

  • Frame antiracism and explore how it challenges the church to reckon with her investment in white dominance and systemic racism;
  • Frame systemic racism and explore its relationship to white dominant culture in the United States;
  • Explore how the values of white dominant culture replicate patterns of intersectional oppression that advantage white people while disproportionately harming people of color regardless of institutional intent; and
  • Unpack long-term strategic interventions create pathways to transformation and dismantle institutional practices upholding racial injustice.

This series was born from the conviction that the church needs leaders who are courageously committed to a liberatory vision of a repaired and healed world, as well as equipped to dismantle the church’s investment in white dominance. Central to meeting these is the cultivation of ways of being in church leaders that facilitate the animation of antiracist transformation in the church. Moreover, faith leaders must be equipped to speak to how Christianity in the United States legitimizes the ideology of white supremacy in ways that harm people of color and their communities.  


Shawna Bowman
Ryan Lents
Jessica Vazquez Torres
Larissa Kwong Abazia
Zoe Krause
Sherita Love
Michael Russell
Laura Cheifetz
lead curriculum writer
“As a coach and antiracism facilitator with NEXT Church, I’ve worked with multiple iterations of Crossroads’ resources. Each video series has been better than the one before. This latest version somehow manages to be both deeply grounded and exceedingly user-friendly, with clear takeaways and thoughtful next steps.”

MaryAnn McKibben Dana

For questions about the series, contact Jen James.