Our 2016 Ignite Presentations

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We received more than a dozen submissions for Ignite presentations – and we’re thrilled to share the five we’ve selected for the NEXT Church National Gathering in just a few weeks!

These Ignite presentations will occur at 1:45pm on Tuesday of the National Gathering. And without further ado, here are your previews of the presentations!

Farm Church (@revallenbrimer)

Robert Hay, Jr. (@HayJr)

Tim Hughes and Gwen Brown

Danita Nelson

Trinity Presbyterian and Herndon Elementary (@TrinityHerndon)

But that’s not all! There is a second block of Ignite presentations on Tuesday at 11:30 am. Here are the Ignite presenters we invited to share with us:

Miriam Mauritzen
Michael Mair (@MichaelMair)
Jeff Krehbiel and Don Meeks (@jeffkrehbiel)
Lori Raible and George Anderson (@lraible)

Finally, here are our participant-submitted runners up:

  1. Hunter Farrell – https://youtu.be/ocUwDrdRfpU
  2. John Vest – https://youtu.be/GvUyV8Vwn5Q
  3. Renee Roderer – https://youtu.be/Q9Dq6DVdxaw
  4. John Cleghorn – https://youtu.be/l2XMLacIGGw (congratulations also to John who won our drawing for a free registration!)
  5. Blake Collins – https://youtu.be/iwauTQ4_oJU
  6. Alice Tewell and Angela Williams – https://youtu.be/vT-83TbP1Jo
  7. Greg Allan-Pickett – https://youtu.be/lspMsQ0zBoI
  8. Laura Kelly – https://youtu.be/4-rZdQlaSvQ
  9. Leslie King – https://youtu.be/bb66yZzA8K4
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