We are excited to offer following cohorts as part of our NEXT Steps Coaching initiative.

Please note: The following cohorts are our offerings for fall 2020. Information about spring 2021 cohorts will be added in 2021.

Enneagram and Leadership

In this season of spiritual strain, as we work to dismantle systemic racism and navigate reopening churches in a pandemic, pastors can use knowledge of the Enneagram to care for themselves and to elevate their leadership through conscious awareness of their motivations and tendencies.

Coach: Martha Spong

Design Thinking for Church Leaders

In this coaching cohort, we will work with tools of adaptive leadership, design thinking, and improvisation. Participants will learn from one another, develop individual goals and plans, and support one another in a spirit of accountability.

Coaches: MaryAnn McKibben Dana & Ken Evers-Hood

Antiracism Practices for Faithful Leadership

Whether your leadership has been centered in racial justice for decades or you are just yearning to take steps to embody antiracist values in your ministry, this cohort will offer a space to learn, explore, and practice bringing racial justice to the core of your leadership.

Coaches: MaryAnn McKibben Dana, Lakesha Bradshaw Easter, LeAnn Hodges, Yena Hwang, Shani McIlwain, Alex McNeill, Larissa Kwong Abazia

Teacher: Jessica Vazquez Torres

Some partial scholarships are available for coaching cohorts.