Most of us have had the experience of attending a conference and feeling excited to lead transformation in our communities — only to have that excitement dissipate as the daily demands of ministry set in. NEXT Steps Coaching is a new initiative designed to support leaders as they shepherd their communities through real and lasting change.

Coaching is a one-on-one or group relationship that helps individuals identify goals and develop a strategy for meeting those goals. A coach’s job is to listen deeply, ask powerful questions, and help clients deal with the internal and external barriers that get in the way of their own effectiveness, fruitfulness, or joy.

A study featured in Public Personnel Management Journal reports that managers who underwent a training program showed an increased effectiveness of 22%, but those who were coached following the training increased their effectiveness by 88%. NEXT Steps Coaching helps leaders bridge the gap between intention and action.


Coaching Directory

Check out our coaching directory for a list of coaches who are familiar with the mission and values of NEXT Church.


NEXT Steps Leadership Cohort

A group coaching cohort with a specific content focus, featuring monthly online group coaching sessions.

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Individual Coaching

Coaching Directory

Check out our coaching directory for a list of coaches. These individuals are familiar with the mission and values of NEXT Church, typically through attending at least one National Gathering. They also have or are actively seeking accreditation through a recognized coaching credentialing organization. As a prospective client, you are encouraged to contact these coaches directly; NEXT Church is not involved with funding, nor with vetting these coaches, other than as stated above.

Group Coaching

NEXT Steps Leadership Cohort

“A circle of accountability.”
“A focus on step-by-step action.”
“The space to be strategic.”
“Collaborative problem solving.”
-Feedback from the pilot group of the NEXT Steps Leadership Cohort

Drawing on our network of trained ministry coaches, the NEXT Steps Leadership Cohort will feature monthly group coaching sessions via Zoom video, plus an individual coaching session for each participant. Each group session will have a specific content focus, based on NEXT Church’s collective wisdom of what makes for strong leadership. Join us as we spend time “on the balcony” together, tending to the important adaptive work of ministry, not just the everyday urgencies.

Coaching focuses on powerful questions that draw out participants’ own insights, helping them get unstuck and take meaningful action toward change. The group coaching model adds an additional layer of wisdom and accountability — participants mentor and coach one another.

Groups will begin in September. Get notified when registration for the NEXT Steps Leadership Cohort is open by signing up here.

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