NEXT needs your support!

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We continue to be excited and challenged by the movement that has become NEXT Church. Regional conversations are organized and happening across the country. The NEXT national gathering for March 2014 promises to be thought-provoking and imaginative. Leaders all over the PC(USA) are finding new energy for collaboration and partnership in ministry.  The website is regularly updated with great resources and interesting ideas.

We (the leadership of NEXT) continue to be surprised by the way God’s Spirit is moving all of us into God’s future.  But in order for this movement to continue, we need your financial support.  NEXT has a lean structure that exists merely to keep us moving forward and to prevent us from stalling out.  But even a lean structure needs support.  Our funding comes entirely from congregational grants and individual gifts. Therefore, we need for you or for your church to make a pledge to the work of NEXT. The amount of the gift is not nearly as important as your signal of commitment to what the Spirit is doing in the church today through NEXT.

Grace and Thanks,


Shannon Kershner, Co-Chair of the NEXT Strategy Team


“At White Memorial we support NEXT Church because we are interested in the continuing conversation about the future of the church. We support NEXT because we are interested in compelling ideas, ministries that are successful, and the good news of new life within the Presbyterian Church. NEXT is an opportunity to be honest about the challenges which the future will bring and an opportunity to be in conversation and prayer with friends on the journey. NEXT is exciting and invigorating. We support it because the mission of the church is not someone else’s responsibility. It is ours. It is every disciple’s. Gathered together our collective voices are heard and the future looks more like an opportunity, an opportunity to share in Christ’s good news of gospel reconciliation and service.” 

— Christopher Edmonston, Pastor, White Memorial Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, NC