We are grateful for First Presbyterian Church Atlanta for live streaming much of the 2016 National Gathering and making recordings of our time together available so quickly. We hope that these videos help to spark your imagination where you are. Please consider donating to support this Gathering and our ongoing work.

Opening Worship

Welcome & Theresa Latini

Keynote: Bob Lupton

Testimony: Alison Harrington

Monday Evening Worship

Keynote: Allan Boesak

Tuesday Morning Worship

NEXT Church Update

Testimony: Presidents Elizabeth Kiss and Leanne Van Dyk

Testimony: Jessica Vazquez Torres

Ignite: Miriam Mauritzen

Ignite: Michael Mair

Ignite: Jeff Krehbiel and Don Meeks

Ignite: George Anderson and Lori Raible

Theresa Latini

Ignite: Sarah Brown

Ignite: Farm Church

Ignite: Robert Hay Jr

Ignite: Gwen Brown & Tim Hughes

Ignite: Danita Nelson

Ignite: Trinity Presbyterian & Herndon Elementary

Wednesday Morning Worship

Keynote: BUILD

Theresa Latini

Closing Worship