The Multicultural NEXT Church

Graphic reposted from Facts and Trends

Graphic reposted from Facts and Trends

Each month, we post a series of blogs around a common topic. During April, as we continue to process the 2015 National Gathering, Joe Clifford is curating a month of blog posts exploring multiculturalism in the NEXT Church.  Join the conversation here, on Facebook, or Twitter!

April’s blog curator, Joe Clifford, kicks off our exploration of the Multicultural Church with an Eastertide reflection on the road to Emmaus.

Clergy couple Joel and Rachel Triska from Life in Deep Ellum share how their ministry has adapted to fit their neighborhood context.

Finally, Shane Webb and Antonio Pichardo write to us about beginning a new Spanish-speaking worshipping community nested within an existing church.

Join us as we wrap up this month’s topic at the Online Church Leaders’ Roundtable on May 5th.