Multicultural Ministry

These resources were recommended by participants in this month’s church leaders’ roundtable: Books: The Wolf Shall Dwell with the Lamb (Eric Law) Holy Currencies (Eric Law) But I Don’t See You as Asian (Bruce Reyes Chow) Preaching to Every Pew (Nieman and Rodgers) White Awareness (Katz) Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? (Tatum)

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Accompanying Discussion questions:

  1. Tasha asks, “Am I, are you, willing to enter each encounter with a posture of humility, desiring to learn, believing that the very heartbeat of God already exists within each person?” Spend some time sharing one another’s stories in your gathering. Practice this skill with one another so that you are better able to do so with people who are radically different from you. How might this storytelling space be created? Who are potential conversation partners?
  2. What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “cultural humility”? What must be learned and unlearned in order to cultivate it?
  3. Consider and reflect on this quote by anthropologist Wade Davis in light of the article: “The world in which you were born is just one model of reality. Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you; they are unique manifestations of the human spirit.”
  • Video of Tiffany Jana and Matthew Freeman’s keynote on Diversity Inclusion from the 2015 National Gathering in Chicago
  • A recording from a regional gathering in Durham, NC in 2012, Franklin tells the story of the Gospel exploding in the creative and reconciling work of creating community out of three distinct, yet unified, worshipping communities. Franklin is the Co-Pastor of Durham Church in Durham, NC.
  • Lunch for the Soul Webinar with Becca Messman and Edwin Andrade

  Share your recommendations for resources on multicultural ministry in the comments below!

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