Models of Shared Ministry

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Each month, we post a series of blogs around a common topic. During May, as we continue to process the 2015 National Gathering, Nate Phillips is curating a month of blog posts exploring models of shared ministry, inspired by his pitch for an IGNITE presentation at the 2015 National Gathering. Join the conversation here, on Facebook, or Twitter!

Blog curator Nate Phillips kicks off the month by asking, how do our churches in transition respond to suggestions for new staffing patterns?

Check out “Changing the Vibe,” a short video interview with John Molina-Moore about how his church has found ways to support his growth.

“The Presbyterian Cage Match” challenges presbytery leadership to better support folks exploring shared ministry.

As new posts are added, we’ll update this page with links. Check back here for an overview of this month’s theme!

Is your congregation experimenting with a new leadership model? We want to hear from you! Tell us your story and let us know if we can feature you on the NEXT Blog!  

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  1. wendy jackson
    wendy jackson says:

    I am looking for prayer and innovative-challenging ideas through Faith, as to how the church as a whole can handle the up coming closing of many social service agencies that largely encompass those including families with children, that battle mental illness and to date one in Chicago that has serviced this population is being shut down effecting the lives of 10,000 people. How does the church play a role in this? Can it? We have come up with some helpful solutions toward helping the homeless; soup kitchens, warming centers, overnight shelter and cloths closets. Is this another challenge for the church? if so in what way? Befor you started your walk with God did you ever feel lost do you remember that feeling? That is how many of these people are feeling right now and not just because of their mental illness.

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