Shape 9

NEXT Church is

a purposeful relational community

of Presbyterian leaders whose mission

is to strengthen a vibrant and thriving

PC(USA) that shares the good news of Jesus Christ

in ways that matter to and have impact

on God’s evolving world.


Shape 9

NEXT Church

through staff, national and regional gatherings,

web presence, social media and other effective modes of communication —

is continuously building relationships in order to:

1. Foster the building and rebuilding of dynamic, diverse congregations who are engaged in mission and new models of ministry.

2. Encourage connecting and developing visionary leaders – teaching elders, ruling elders, church members, students, educators and youth workers – ready and willing to address the challenges of the 21st century.

3. Provide space and time in which church leaders work together to “form and reform” strategies that matter and have impact in furtherance of God’s kingdom.

4. Create opportunities across this community in which the shared sense of God’s call enables respectful, thorough discussion of difficult issues that have arisen and will arise in the living church.