Lunch for the Soul: Building Community and the Missional Church (webinar recording)

Thinking about how to serve your neighbors? Wondering how your church can become more missional? Pondering what it means to create meaningful spiritual community in this day and age? Join us for a conversation about Lunch for the Soul. Since 2006, every Wednesday at noon Lunch for the Soul has provided the day laborers in the community with a hot, nutritious meal and a Spanish worship service. The pastors from Trinity Presbyterian, Oakbrook Church, and Riverside Presbyterian  provide the spiritual food while teams of volunteers from Trinity and Riverside Presbyterian Churches prepare and provide the meals.  Anywhere from 40-180 people come weekly to be fed in spirit, in community and in body.
Listen to the audio recording here. Click here to see the accompanying slideshow.
Edwin Andrade born in Guatemala, grew up in LA, now co-pastor of Riverside Church in Sterling, VA
Rebecca Messman from southwest Virginia, served as a Young Adult Volunteer of the PCUSA in Guatemala, now Associate Pastor in Herndon, VA.
Together, they provide the pastoral leadership for Lunch for the Soul.