CATEGORY: Liturgy & Worship

Storytelling from the 2014 National Gathering

One of the highlights of the 2014 National Gathering was the biblical storytelling that took place in worship. Jeremiah 29 was told in a variety of ways– in 22 voices: […]

Help Us Remember – A Prayer of Sending

Pastoral Prayer from the 2014 National Gathering Closing Worship Gracious God, as we prepare to go out from this place: Help us to remember. That is our prayer as our attention […]

Creation Mosaics: Genesis 1, Created by the Congregation

By Teri Peterson “The first day of the new lectionary, on kick-off Sunday, we’re supposed to read the creation story. All seven days.” Cue internal pastoral eye-rolling. Haven’t I preached […]

Ashley Goff – Liturgy as Improv

Ashley Goff on Liturgy as Improv [Part of the 2013 NEXT Church National Gathering in Charlotte, NC.]

Offering Words

I have always been impressed by the liturgy written by my friend and colleague, Jenny McDevitt. Those who attended the NEXT National Conference in Dalls (2012) will remember the beautiful […]

Worship and the Arts

Nanette Sawyers shares use-able ideas for creating community and deepening spirituality by incorporating communal art practices into worship. Listen Here to the webinar recording. Check out the pictures here. Nanette is pastor of […]

The "Ritual of the Ribbons" at 2013 National Gathering

By Theresa Cho NEXT Worship Overall Thematic Flow & Ritual: Colors of fabric and ribbon were purple, red, blue, white, and yellow. The colors of a Korean fabric called Saekdong. […]