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Storytelling from the 2014 National Gathering

One of the highlights of the 2014 National Gathering was the biblical storytelling that took place in worship. Jeremiah 29 was told in a variety of ways– in 22 voices: and by Jeff Krehbiel: Then we learned to tell it: There were additional stories told in worship, too: Casey FitzGerald tells Matthew 10: …and Luke […]

Help Us Remember – A Prayer of Sending

Pastoral Prayer from the 2014 National Gathering Closing Worship Gracious God, as we prepare to go out from this place: Help us to remember. That is our prayer as our attention and our calendars start to turn back toward home. Help us to remember because in remembering, O God, we find your faithfulness to us, and […]

Creation Mosaics: Genesis 1, Created by the Congregation

By Teri Peterson “The first day of the new lectionary, on kick-off Sunday, we’re supposed to read the creation story. All seven days.” Cue internal pastoral eye-rolling. Haven’t I preached all the available sermons on the seven days of creation? With a word…separates…makes order…science and religion… Enter Holy Spirit. “What if, instead of the same […]

Ashley Goff – Liturgy as Improv

Ashley Goff on Liturgy as Improv [Part of the 2013 NEXT Church National Gathering in Charlotte, NC.]

Offering Words

I have always been impressed by the liturgy written by my friend and colleague, Jenny McDevitt. Those who attended the NEXT National Conference in Dalls (2012) will remember the beautiful and inspiring words offered in corporate worship. Liturgy literally means “the work of the people” yet I asked Jenny if she would be willing to […]

Worship and the Arts

Nanette Sawyers shares use-able ideas for creating community and deepening spirituality by incorporating communal art practices into worship. Listen Here to the webinar recording. Check out the pictures here. Nanette is pastor of Grace Commons and St. James Presbyterian Churches in Chicago.  

The "Ritual of the Ribbons" at 2013 National Gathering

By Theresa Cho NEXT Worship Overall Thematic Flow & Ritual: Colors of fabric and ribbon were purple, red, blue, white, and yellow. The colors of a Korean fabric called Saekdong. Saekdong is usually used for children’s clothing and “protects the evoking of dreams of children.” Advent Worship: Sheets of fabric were torn into strips during […]