CATEGORY: Liturgy & Worship

Intercessory Prayer in the Time of COVID

This intercessory prayer by NEXT Church interim communications specialist Rev. Katherine Lee Baker can be read or used in worship (with appropriate credit).

2019 National Gathering Tuesday Worship

The recording and liturgy from Tuesday evening worship at the 2019 National Gathering with Rev. Dr. Kelle Brown preaching.

2019 National Gathering Monday Worship Kriah

Led by Rev. Tasha Hicks McCray.

When We Are In The Sermon

As a corrective to emptying pews with boring sermons, the personal vignette has worked its way into acceptability in preaching. This is a good thing. Yet, danger still lurks. Crafting sermons using “our stuff” may well be a way we preachers subtly feed our own narcissistic appetites. Attention indeed can get turned from the Living Word to our desperate egos.

2018 National Gathering Closing Worship

Rev. Kathryn Johnston, pastor of Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church in Mechanicsburg, PA, preaches during the closing worship service at the 2018 National Gathering. The service theme: living.

2018 National Gathering Tuesday Morning Worship

Jess Cook, John Molina-Moore, and Erin Counihan provided testimonies during Tuesday morning worship at the 2018 NEXT Church National Gathering. The worship service theme: dying.

Resources for Postliberal Preaching

These resources were provided by Dan Lewis and Pen Peery at the conclusion of their August 2017 online roundtable: “Toward the Purple Church.”