CATEGORY: Leadership

Change and God’s Future

The latest in our video blog series: Glen Bell, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Sarasota, FL, and a member of our executive team, reflects on congregational change and God’s future.

Balancing Leadership

Leaders often work with different types of people: those who are willing to do whatever is needed, those who eagerly commit to specific tasks, and those who are passive but will respond when asked directly and personally. All are needed for a successful action.

The Art of Holy Listening

Learning how to listen to a context and its people – whether a neighborhood, congregation, or nonprofit – is one of the most crucial practices a ministry professional can engage. This is especially true in times of great transition, when the default and the familiar look awfully comforting.

The Art of Pastoring a Post-Split Church

On May 15, 2012, First Presbyterian Tecumseh Michigan was declared in schism. Friendships severed. Families chose sides. Businesses lost long-standing customers. The whole town suffered.

Our Public Witness: Creating Bi-vocational Churches

A Hindu dance school who had been using our building (and providing $14K in donation to the church) had outgrown our space and was not returning. Yikes – how are we going to make up $14K? That’s the first question we asked but it wasn’t the question we chose to answer.

The Art of Making Small Changes

My reality is this: I never have enough time with a congregation. Eighteen-ish months flies by much too fast, as the calendar flips weeks and seasons at a hurried pace. Huge, sweeping change takes a long time.

Becoming the Curriculum

We hold a conviction that transitional pastors are called to assist congregations in recognizing the intersection of the past and necessity of change to move into the future, working to remove blocks that hinder moving into future that is not our own, but the future that God prepares for us.