Get Connected to the Network

At NEXT Church, we hope to connect healthy tissue to healthy tissue in order to foster radical and sustainable transformation. This network of leaders is stronger because YOU are here.

Looking for a way to connect to other church leaders, deepening your own health and the health of those around you? Check out these upcoming opportunities and resources…

Roundatable Conversations for People of Color

People of Color are invited to on-going monthly conversations as a place of connection, networking, support, and rest. This space is shaped and led by People of Color for People of Color. Join every month or when your schedule allows.


Register for a Fall Coaching Cohort

Coaching cohorts are a combination of scheduled group cohorts gathered around a particular topic, along with individual coaching sessions. Cohort meetings and individual coaching sessions are led by trained/certified coaches to help you apply and wrestle with the topic for your particular context and move you towards action.


Grow Together Through Bible Study

Looking for a resource for an adult education class or small group this fall? The Restoration Bible Study features three church leaders from diverse backgrounds, contexts, and theological lenses who seek to answer the question – What does the Bible say about faithful restoration? The study features 6 short videos with accompanying lesson plans which makes it easy for anyone to lead!


Join a Roundtable Conversation

Roundtable Conversations are one hour bursts of generative discussion around a specific topic. Join church leaders from across the country to talk about the things shaping the church and faith today. New conversations are being added all the time. Next up – a conversation around fall planning, braving the ministry burnout, and how to be a true welcoming community for LGBQTIA inclusion.


May our paths cross soon…

Larissa Kwong Abazia

Designated Strategic Director