Get Busy Livin’: Why I Am Attending NEXT

I am attending NEXT Church 2013 because when folks say that the mainline church is in steep decline and that the PC(USA) is “gravely ill,” you can either give up and start planning the funeral, or you can find the places of health and vitality and see what God might be birthing in those spaces. The NEXT conversation is one of those places of vitality in the Presbyterian Church: a place for honest, robust conversation about ministry; a place to share and celebrate the new things Jesus Christ is doing in the church.

I am attending the NEXT conference in Charlotte because the congregation I serve, like many congregations across our denomination, is facing challenges in this new cultural moment. But it is not dying. It is changing… and we need to be connected to other congregational leaders in the midst of this change, leaders who are convinced, as I am, that God is writing a new chapter of the Christian story through us.

-MaryAnn McKibben Dana, pastor, Idylwood Presbyterian Church, Falls Church, VA

Are YOU attending NEXT? Don’t delay; register here.

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