CATEGORY: Gathering – 2019 National Gathering

Workshop Materials: Worth More Than Seven Sons

The slides Sara and Landon used in their workshop “Worth More than Seven Sons” are available here. 

2019 National Gathering Follow-Up Guide

Would you like to lead a follow-up conversation about what you heard and experienced at the 2019 National Gathering? Gather with folks in your area, either in person or virtually, and use this facilitator guide to help lead your conversations.

2019 National Gathering Closing Worship

Opening Song: “Come and Let Us Sing” by Israel & New Breed Welcome, Census, and Remembering We come from every corner of God’s creation, We have brought our whole selves to this place, Our bodies Our hearts Our souls Our worries Our doubts Our dreams Our questions Our anger Our fear Our frustration Our joy […]

2019 National Gathering Keynote: Jennifer Harvey

Jennifer Harvey, professor of religion and ethics at Drake University, gives a keynote presentation on racial justice and white anti-racism at the 2019 NEXT Church National Gathering in Seattle.

2019 National Gathering Tuesday Worship

The recording and liturgy from Tuesday evening worship at the 2019 National Gathering with Rev. Dr. Kelle Brown preaching.

Resource: 2020 Vision Team Reflection

Here is the reflection exercise that members of the 2020 Vision Team used during their lunch presentation at the 2019 National Gathering on the 2020 Vision Draft Guiding Statement.

2019 National Gathering Testimony: Suzzanne Lacey

Suzzanne Lacey, founder of Museum Without Walls, gives a testimony presentation on her work in experiential learning with young people at the 2019 NEXT Church National Gathering in Seattle.