CATEGORY: Gathering – 2014 National Gathering

Lead Testimony – Mark Ramsey and Kristy Farber (2014 Minneapolis)

Mark Ramsey and Kristy Farber’s testimony entitled: Leading When We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know. Here are their slides: And the notes: We are GRATEFUL for emphasis this year on “LEAD – CREATE – DISCERN.” “LEAD” has been under-served by NEXT— pastors and Sessions. We’re not experts – we can only tell what we have […]

Create Testimony – Casey FitzGerald on Biblical Storytelling

This was a testimony from the 2014 National Gathering in Minneapolis, MN. Shawna Bowman is the artist.

Mission Shift in Christian Education, by Jen James

Christian Education has changed a lot over the years. You come to a conference like Next and I hope it leaves you wondering, “What will Christian Education look like in the years to come?” When the mainline churches began to experience decline several decades ago, Christian Education seemed to be the life vest of the sinking […]

Storytelling from the 2014 National Gathering

One of the highlights of the 2014 National Gathering was the biblical storytelling that took place in worship. Jeremiah 29 was told in a variety of ways– in 22 voices: and by Jeff Krehbiel: Then we learned to tell it: There were additional stories told in worship, too: Casey FitzGerald tells Matthew 10: …and Luke […]

Help Us Remember – A Prayer of Sending

Pastoral Prayer from the 2014 National Gathering Closing Worship Gracious God, as we prepare to go out from this place: Help us to remember. That is our prayer as our attention and our calendars start to turn back toward home. Help us to remember because in remembering, O God, we find your faithfulness to us, and […]

Sermons from the 2014 Gathering

Watch the wonderful sermons from the 2014 National Gathering in Minneapolis, MN. Alika Galloway Dan Vigilante J. Herbert Nelson And last but not least, MaryAnn McKibben Dana, preaching “an end worth remembering…” MaryAnn McKibben Dana

Erin Dunigan – Discern Testimony from the 2014 National Gathering

Erin Dunigan, evangelist of Los Ranchos Presbytery to Baja California talks about Not Church at the 2014 National Gathering.