Indianapolis 2011 — Tuesday Closing Worship

Lewis Galloway preaching [Worship begins at the start of the video; The sermon begins at 11:33] In a sermon full of stories and memories, Lewis Galloway, proclaims that despite anxiety, the […]

CATEGORY: Gathering – 2011 National Gathering

Indianapolis 2011 — Tuesday Morning Worship and Testimony on Connection

Pen Peery preaching [Worship begins: 18:16; Sermon by Pen Peery begins: 24:35.] In this post-Constantinian, post-modern, post-denominational, post-Christian world, the structured connection the Presbyterian church has depended upon no longer serves […]

2011 National Gathering Testimony: Christian Vocation

Joe Clifford speaks on Christian Vocation In this delightful talk, Joe Clifford explains the chemistry concept of the “adjacent possible”– there are numerous chemical reactions possible based on what is […]

Indianapolis 2011 — Monday Afternoon Worship

Shannon Johnson Kershner preaching. [Worship begins at 4:07; Sermon begins at 8:33] In this honest, funny sermon, Shannon Johnson Kershner reflects on the gift of being given the powerful message of […]

2011 National Gathering Testimony: Mission

Andrew Foster Connors: Lessons from Community Organizing for the Missional Leader [Andrew’s talk begins at: 2:54] “Missional action almost always has evangelical results,” says Andrew Foster Connors in this 20-minute talk […]

Indianapolis 2011 — Intro to NEXT and Monday Morning Worship

Intro to NEXT Church by Tom Are [Begins at: 33:56]  The church isn’t dying; it’s changing. God isn’t done with the church. At the first NEXT Church National Gathering, Tom […]