Monday Optional Lunch Talks

All lunch talks take place at Seattle First Presbyterian Church.

2020 Vision – A New Guiding Statement // Conference Room

The PCUSA’s 2020 Vision Commission presented its draft Guiding Statement to the 223rd General Assembly last June. The next step is for this Statement to get out to the church for response, feedback, and reflection. Several members of the 2020 Commission will present the Guiding Statement and lead discussions on its role in shaping the vision and action of the church.

Karen Sapio, Justin Botejue, and De’Ann Cunningham
Karen, Justin and De’Ann are all members of the 2020 Vision Team appointed by the 222nd General Assembly. Karen is a pastor in Claremont, CA. Justin is a ruling elder from Spokane, WA. De’Ann is a ruling elder from Charlotte, NC.

Cultivated Ministry // Whitworth

In a time when traditional metrics seem out of touch with the realities of ministry in contemporary post-Christendom North America, Cultivated Ministry gives us a way to undertake ministry and assessment with a clear and purposeful understanding of how our activities contribute to God’s mission in the world. Cultivated Ministry is a culture and process of ministry that does not rest on traditional metrics nor does it abdicate accountability altogether.

Becca Messman and MaryAnn McKibben Dana
Becca is co-pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Herndon, VA, where she co-founded of “Lunch for the Soul,” a lunch /worship with recent immigrants and day laborers. Becca was on the writing team for Cultivated Ministry and leads workshops and trainings on the topic frequently. MaryAnn is an author, free-range pastor, ministry coach, and former chair of the NEXT Church strategy team.

Testimony Talk Back: Heidi Armstrong and Scott Lumsden // Chapel

Join Heidi and Scott for a discussion following their testimony presentation in plenary.

Heidi Armstrong and Scott Lumsden
Heidi is transitional pastor of Seattle First Presbyterian Church, and Scott is executive presbyter of the Seattle Presbytery. Both are testimony speakers at the National Gathering.