It sure is! Thanks to our growing list of sponsors, you can watch the live-stream and participate in the gathering for free. You still need to register to get access to our all-access platform where the gathering will be live-streamed.

You are exactly who this conference is for! Church members are heartbeat of their congregations and the ones who can make real transformation happen. We hope you will come with a whole group from your church so you can learn and be challenged together, and that we might grow and learn from you. In fact, we moved our whole conference to the weekend, just so it would be easier for you to attend. We hope you will join us, and if you want, you can bring your pastor, too.

Yes, please! For years we have welcomed our ecumenical friends to the gathering and the conversation. In fact, many of our leaders and speakers are outside of the PC(USA) circle. We are all strengthened when a broader set of voices is at the table. We hope you will join us and tell your friends!

We are charging a modest fee to make the recordings available to watch following the gathering.  Go back and watch your favorites again or catch up on the ones you missed. Wishing you could attend more than one workshop? Now you can!

If you want to share the recordings with your church or organization, you can upgrade to a group/church package based on the membership size of your church or organization. These packages come with broken down recordings and group discussion guides to make them user-friendly. Use the recordings for a devotional, or small group study, or even a staff meeting.

There are already great resources in the package today, but most of the content will be available in the weeks following the gathering. Subscriptions are available to purchase today through the end of the conference.

Go to the top of this page and look for the yellow button that says “My Account.” You will be prompted to enter your username and password (you had to create one when you registered, if it was your first time using our system). Once you are logged in, look for “My Materials” and you will find your access pages listed there.

If you are already logged in, you can also access everything by clicking on “National Gathering Access” in the gray navigation bar on this page.

Share NEXT Church with your whole church! Ahead of the National Gathering, we will load Sunday’s worship service and all its components into your account. You can use just the pre-recorded sermon as a guest preacher in your virtual worship service, or use the written liturgy for your in-person worship, or just push the whole service on your platform. If you don’t have a church community using the closing worship service, you can participate with us live on Sunday morning from our live-streaming page.

Still have questions? Email Jen James, our National Gathering coordinator.