In light of the COVID pandemic, the NEXT Church leadership is discerning our options for our 2021 National Gathering, scheduled to be held in Denver this coming March. Please do not make travel arrangements at this time. More information about the National Gathering will be available this fall.



Witness, Power, and Hope

Cincinnati, OH

March 2-4, 2020

Joshua 4:1-9



The twelve stones placed in the middle of the Jordan River served as a memorial to God’s faithfulness. They witnessed to the trials and tribulations overcome by the people of God. The stones also testified to future generations that God, who made a way where there was no way, will once again lead us to redemption and transformation.

We are called to remember our forebears, the great distances they covered and the faith that carried them. Their memory inspires us and challenges us to move forward in our own faith journey. Their memory calls us to stay the course, to wade in the waters of life, to continue to struggle for the Kin-dom of God where justice, love, and peace flow freely. When we are willing to sacrifice the comfort of what we know for the gift of new life promised by God, we become living stones that witness and testify to God’s provision, promise, and power that transform our hope into reality.

Let us meet by the river in Cincinnati for the 2020 NEXT Church National Gathering, to remember, pray, sing, and testify to God’s power that transforms us and our work to reflect God’s faithfulness.


We believe strengthening connections across the PC(USA) is of significant importance. Therefore, your presence at the National Gathering is of high value to us and we do not want registration cost to be a barrier. Recognizing that different folks will cover the cost of the Gathering in different ways, we have created a sliding scale for registration. Please choose the level that is right for you. Please note all tickets are refundable (less a $25 administrative fee) up to 7 days prior to the event.

  • Connector: $199 [Designed for church leaders who are not on staff of a congregation or who have limited/no continuing education funds. It provides full access to the National Gathering for individuals who are covering the registration cost out of their own funds.]
  • Sustainer: $319 [Please select this option if your organization is covering the bulk of the cost of your registration.]
  • Day Pass – Monday: $129
  • Day Pass – Tuesday: $129
  • Day Pass – Wednesday: $99
  • Scholarship: $25 [Find more information here.]

Registration will close on February 21st, 2020 or sooner if registration is sold out. More information about tickets and pricing is available on Eventbrite when you register.


Child care for children up to age 5 will run during all program hours of the Gathering. Child care will take place on-site at the Hilton Netherland Plaza Hotel. Cost is $175 per child; however, please be in touch with us if cost becomes prohibitive. A full schedule for child care is available on the schedule page.

To register your child(ren), visit the registration page and select the childcare ticket.

Registration for childcare closes on January 15, 2020.


Join testimony speaker Troy Bronsink for “Contemplative Christian Leadership: In Partnership with The Hive,” a pre-gathering workshop about the Christian contemplative tradition and related recovery and grounding tools. Learn more here.


Flint: The Poisoning of an American City traces the timeline of the city’s interaction with the Flint River – from the continued abuse and neglect of both city infrastructure and environmental regulations, to subsequent population decline, through to Michigan’s 2013 appointing of outside emergency managers.

Join us for an hors d’oeuvres reception, followed by a screening and discussion with the director, David Barnhart of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance’s Story Productions. Learn more about the movie and tickets here.


Translating the excitement from the National Gathering into actions you can implement at home is key to the conference having a lasting impact. To support you in that translation, we invite you to stick around for a few hours on Wednesday afternoon to join a group coaching session of 7-10 people. Learn more here.