Focus on Workshops

Each week, we will highlight some of the wonderful workshops we will have at that 2016 National Gathering in Atlanta February 22-24. Check out all of the workshop offerings here.

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At Home with the Ministry of Reconciliation

Offered Monday in Workshop Block 1

As pastors and church leaders, we know that the ministry of reconciliation should not only be made manifest in the public spheres of our ecclesiastical and political lives. The ministry of reconciliation is also required at home. This workshop is designed for those whose families/friends (immediate and extended) are experiencing discord because of some of these ecclesiastical and political matters. Committed to the notion that our ministry of reconciliation is only as strong in public as it is in private, the facilitators will offer personal narratives and relational strategies to encourage the ministry of reconciliation at home.

Tony Sundermeier is the Senior Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta and is the son-in-law of Jonathan Miller, the Senior Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown, NJ. Tony and Jonathan are part of a politically and theologically diverse family that has seen its fair share of conflicts, hurts, and broken relationships. They have also striven for and witnessed reconciliation amidst some of these challenges.

The Church in the Street: Actions as Worship

Offered Tuesday in Workshop Block 2

Hear stories about people from the Hispanic-Latino Presbyterian Ministry of Preston Highway in Louisville, Kentucky who are “loving God and loving neighbor” in house church worship and in service to one another through construction projects, child care and mutual accompaniment through life’s challenges. Reflect on your congregation’s growing edges to “do worship” by being present to its members and others in your community, sharing the Gospel and worshiping God through acts of kindness and solidarity.

Elmer Zavala ministers a new worshiping community of Mid-Kentucky Presbytery that is comprised primarily of undocumented Mexicans. Since 1990, he has pastored in various urban and rural settings in Central America and the United States.

Always in Transition

Offered Tuesday in Workshop Block 3

*Recommended for first-time National Gathering attendees.*

Whether or not you are aware that your congregation or ministry setting is in transition, it is. Change may be overt: with an interim or transitional pastor in place, or there may just be changes in plans, in programs, in procedures in this exponentially fast-moving world. How can we live into this “new normal” of adaptive change? How can we help folks stay grounded in faith, yet become more adept at responding to change?

Leigh Gillis is serving her 5th intentional interim pastorate. She uses Bowen Family Systems Theory and teaches adaptive change, helping those overwhelmed, grieving and angry at changes in the church learn to “respond, not react.”

Eventbrite - 2016 NEXT National Gathering