Evangelism Roundtable: Conversation Starters

Were you inspired by our Church Leaders Roundtable on Evangelism? Here are the critical questions that sparked and guided our discussion that may be helpful in continuing the conversation with your own small group:

Why is evangelism important to you?

  • How we live out radical hospitality and share good news to new generations?
  • How do we use new tools for evangelism?
    • How do we reinforce worship when people attend service an average of twice/month?
    • How can the pulpit come to the people?
    • How can we speak to our Christian identity in a multi-faith world?
  • How do we redefine evangelism so that it’s not synonymous with conservatism?
  • As the culture is becoming less aware of the Christian identity, who do we say that WE are?
  • What does our church’s “brand” say?
    • What are the five key faith adjectives we value as a faith community? How can we use those five ideas to become ambassadors to the community about what our congregation has to offer?
    • How do we narrow the idea of who we wish to attract to our congregation without excluding folks who want to join?
    • What niche of God’s people are we uniquely positioned to reach out to?
    • How does the scandal of particularity–our freedom to be authentic to who we are–inform how we practice and approach evangelism?
  • What is the relationship between progressive social justice as the call of the gospel and as what many “nones” claim to be seeking?
  • Why do we want new people to join our church? Are we motivated by numbers or by evangelism?
  • How can we include everyone (not just the pastor) in evangelizing?

How does evangelism inform your teaching, preaching, study, and life?

  • How do we share our “spiritual biographies?”
    • How is discipleship related to engaging and connecting to people’s stories?
  •  “If I don’t know who my neighbor is, how can I serve/love my neighbor?”
    • What how are mission and evangelism related?

How do we get past the stigma of evangelism?

  • What would happen if our staff position was called “Director of Mission and Evangelism” instead of “Director of Mission and Outreach?”
  • How can humor be a tool for broaching intimidating topics like evangelism?
  • Where does the fear of confronting people with the gospel come from when we have so much to be joyful about what we have gained through our faith?
  • Can evangelism help transform the kingdom of God that we’ve shrunken to a personal relationship with Jesus to recapture the fullness, largeness, enormity that is the Kingdom of God?
  •  How is God working in the world?
    • To what end do we further the work of God?
    • How does the eschatological reality we celebrate in the Eucharist become clearer because of what we’ve done?
  • How could reviving the practice of testimony help us to become aware of God’s presence in our lives and to share those divine moments through evangelism?
    • How can testimony become a part of worship?
  • Based on Simon Sinek’s TED Talk (“How Great Leaders Inspire Action“), how could starting with faith as the “why” that motivates mission, how could social justice become a context in which we share our faith?