CATEGORY: Political

The 2020 election comes as our nation continues to navigate COVID-19 and the trauma of racism. We cast ballots in the shadow of yet another tragic murder, this time of Walter Wallace, Jr. in Philadelphia. Knowing that politics cannot be left at our churches’ doors and yet it can be difficult to know what to say and how to lead in this deeply partisan season, we offer these resources to inspire your work and worship. We pray they might be a helpful guide in this unique moment in our communal life.

Evening Prayer & Call to Action

Let us break, bless, build, and believe together as a community of faith. Watch the evening of prayer hosted by Carlton Johnson and Jessica Tate on Thursday, November 5th, at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific).

So many have invested so much in this election and so many lives, livelihoods, freedoms, and values are at stake in its outcome. Amid the energy and the hype, let us take and create space to gather, to feel, and to pray; and let us call ourselves to action — centering ourselves on Jesus as our rock and foundation and continuing the work of justice and peace in the world.

Whatever the outcome of the election, the state of the future, or the status of results, let’s make time for each other in the days after election day.

Break what needs breathing. Bless what we are called to bless. Build beloved community. Believe that our hope lies in Jesus Christ.

Intercessory Prayer

This intercessory prayer by NEXT Church interim communications specialist Rev. Katherine Lee Baker can be read or used in worship (with appropriate credit).

Post-Election Spotify Playlist

Nourish your soul with a contemplative playlist for spiritual wellness. Songs were selected and compiled by NEXT Church leaders.

The Sarasota Statement

At its 2017 National Gathering, NEXT Church released a new confessional statement in response to the current state of the church and world called The Sarasota Statement. More recently, in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many others, as well as in light of the seismic challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic and other 2020 crises, the original writers of the Sarasota Statement gathered again virtually over a period of months to consider how they might reframe and re-engage the Sarasota Statement in the context of 2020. The result of their reconvening is a new prologue to the original statement, which speaks particularly to the changes of the last few years and our current realities.

We pray this statement might give you words for worship and/or prayer as you continue to navigate this fraught election season.