Dynamic Church in a Time of Change–Regional Gathering in Washington, DC

Harvesting Insights to Help Each Other Thrive

October 27, 2012 ~ 10am-4pm

at Church of the Pilgrims (2201 P St. NW, Washington, DC 20037)

Who should come? Presbyterian church leaders from the DC, Baltimore and Richmond areas. This isn’t just for clergy and it’s not restricted to elders. All those who are congregational leaders are a vital part of this conversation. (Of course you can come if you’re from somewhere other than the Baltimore-Richmond area!)

What is the focus of the gathering? There are three primary foci: Worship, Leadership, and Mission.

Who are the leaders? Jeff Krehbiel and Ashley Goff (Church of the Pilgrims) will lead the worship focus. Jud Hendrix (Ecclesia Project) will lead the leadership focus. Andrew Foster Conners (Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian) and Jessica Tate (NEXT Church) will lead the mission focus.

What will we do? Experience, Content, Harvesting. We experience something together; we explore the experience with content that reflects on and deepens the experience; we provide time to harvest insights in conversation, dialogue, feedback, and small groups.

What will I get out of it? As much as you want!

• You’ll come away with some new ideas for ministry (ones that have been proven to work other places) and also time to reflect with colleagues on why they are working, the theological grounding for the ideas, and how they might be tailored for ministry in your own community.

• You will meet other leaders from your region who are interested in continuing to develop as leaders and become ongoing conversation partners.

• Ideas for exciting joint ministry and mission opportunities might present themselves…

What is the cost? $20. That’s it. And that includes lunch.

To register, visit: