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In response to the world-disrupting COVID-19 pandemic, NEXT Church has been working hard to offer useful resources for faith leaders and their communities. We offered a special Facebook Live conversation as part of our Cultivated Ministry program called “5 Reasons to Assess, Even When Nothing is Normal.” These resources also include blog posts reflecting on the pandemic and offering tips for virtual meetings and worship. You can find more information below.

5 Reasons to Assess, Even When Nothing is Normal

Cultivated Ministry Live Conversation

Evaluation and assessment of ministry is probably the last thing on your mind right now. You’ve already got enough on your plate figuring out how to be church when our usual ways of gathering are disrupted, crises in our communities are more acute than ever, and the pastoral care needs are growing. We’re with you. And we think this is the exactly right time to pay attention to assessing our ministry to deepen and enhance the work we are doing. Join us for a conversation about why assessing ministry right now may actually provide some solid grounding in a tumultuous season.

You can learn more about Cultivated Ministry here.

Thanks to the Presbyterian Foundation for sponsoring the development of this resource.

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