Faithful Millennials, Children, and the Steps In Between

Beginning today, we’re changing up the NEXT Church blog a bit. We’ll continue to post good content, but each month will have a different theme or lens for what’s NEXT. […]

From Cultural Competency to Cultural Humility

By Rev. Natasha Iwalani Hicks I was in a meeting a few months back and a gentleman approached me asking me about pastoring a church in White Center, a diverse […]

We Don’t Have All the Answers

By Dwight Christenbury What do you say we engage in a little church sign theology? Here are some notable examples I’ve spotted recently in my corner of western North Carolina; […]

Free to Journey Towards Home

By Steve Willis The elder said to me, “It feels like the church is in exile, like ancient Israel, away from home and in a foreign land.”  “Sydney” is an […]

Being the Church in the World

By Robert Austell I have heard a long list of ideas, critiques, strategies, models, and more about problems and solutions for the ailing Church. I’m all for strategic thinking, clever […]

I Saw Those Eyes and I Just Knew That I Knew You

By Jessica Rathbun-Cook During my last year of seminary I had the opportunity to intern with an organization called ROSMY that serves LGBTQ youth, ages 12-20. Since that time, I’ve […]

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Pastors Standing in the Surf of Change

By Steve Lindsley It’s around 11am, and our family is at the beach. It rained the first few days here, but now the sun is shining bright and the place is […]