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Seasick Church

by Mary Harris Todd Lately the story of the storm at sea in Acts 27 has been much on my mind. Paul and his shipmates were caught in a violent storm that just went on and on and on, tossing the ship up and down. The text says that they didn’t eat for fourteen days. […]

The Witness of the NEXT Church in an Election Year… and Every Year

By Chris Chakoian Exactly fifty years ago, Karl Barth said “Take your Bible, and your newspaper, and read both” (in Time, 4/20/1962). My guess is today he’d tell us to look our screens – including the presidential debates. But it’s gotten so ugly, it’s hard to watch. (Women in a binder, anybody?)  At the vice […]

Funding Realities and the Future Church

by Dr. Ed Brenegar The question crossed my mind, “What if non-profits are no longer fundable? What does this mean for churches and presbyteries? How will we fund the church in the future?” I have been asking these questions in the places where I serve as a leadership and stewardship consultant and teaching elder. Until […]

The Courage to Die

by Jessica Tate I’m an Apple (computer) enthusiast. While I’ve resisted temptation of the iPhone 5, I have been paying attention to its press. In an article for the Washington Post, columnist Steven Pearlstein noted a trend in the tech world. Three of the most dominating firms have tanked in recent years. Nokia was once […]