CATEGORY: Community Partnerships & Organizing

2016 National Gathering Ignite: Gwen Brown & Tim Hughes

Gwen Brown, organizer with BUILD (Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development) and Tim Hughes, associate pastor at Brown Memorial Park Ave Presbyterian Church, share their collaboration in the Baltimore Youth Organizing Project.

Re-Imagining Short Term Mission

At the 2016 National Gathering, Ellen Sherby led a workshop called “Helping or Hurting? Re-Imagining Short Term Mission.” Here you’ll find the description of her workshop and an associated resource on planning short-term mission projects. Short-term mission trips are a mainstay for congregational mission, but often seem like “voluntourism” or a “mission-cation.” How can we, […]

HIV and Gospel Justice

At the 2016 National Gathering, Bertram Johnson and George Kerr led a workshop entitled “HIV and Gospel Justice.” Below you will find the description of their workshop and a PDF of their Powerpoint presentation. The HIV pandemic has been the most devastating health and social justice crisis of the last three decades. HIV is severely […]

Racial Justice: For White People Who Want to Do Something

Here is a proposal–hardly unique–that we hope will build accountability and momentum for moving past the white fragility where many of us get stuck. It’s simple: reverse the order. Instead of beginning with education and research with the hope of discerning how best to act, begin with the action to generate the energy needed to continue moving.

How to: Hold an IAF-style Evaluation

So you’ve finished your experimental worship service / high tension meeting / community event celebrating a new partnership. What happens next? For many, we think to ourselves, “That was interesting,” or “What’s next?” and continue on our way without reflecting more deeply. Industrial Areas Foundation founder Saul Alinksy calls out church leaders for leaving un-evaluated events […]

From the Files – Community Organizing, TBT Edition

Here are a few posts from the past NEXT blogs that are worth a re-read: Andrew Foster Connors suggests that good stewardship requires more than better preaching and shares how their congregation has used discipline of organizing to create a relational stewardship campaign. Jessica Tate explores how the organizing universal of Organize, Dis-organize, Re-organize, Repeat helped to […]

Lunch for the Soul: Building Community and the Missional Church (webinar recording)

Thinking about how to serve your neighbors? Wondering how your church can become more missional? Pondering what it means to create meaningful spiritual community in this day and age? Join us for a conversation about Lunch for the Soul. Since 2006, every Wednesday at noon Lunch for the Soul has provided the day laborers in […]