CATEGORY: Church Leadership

Prayer Resources for Visits

In her piece in December 2014, Anna Pinckney Straight mentioned that her pastoral care visits are always accompanied with a piece of card stock now….stacks of prayer cards and psalm cards that […]

Evangelism Roundtable: Resources

Here are the comics, books, videos, and other media that Church Leaders’ Roundtable participants found useful for conceptualizing and discussing evangelism during a recent Roundtable: COMICS For approaching a prickly subject via […]

Theocademy, by Landon Whitsitt

Landon Whitsitt introduced Theocademy at the 2014 National Gathering. You can see that here: But more importantly, check out the video series here.  

Mission Shift in Christian Education, by Jen James

Christian Education has changed a lot over the years. You come to a conference like Next and I hope it leaves you wondering, “What will Christian Education look like in […]

Welcoming Children in Worship

As we heard from pastor Kara Root in Minneapolis, at Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church children participate fully in worship. This includes teaching the congregation at the “children’s message” time, writing […]

Clarifying Mutual Expectations–A Workshop

By Bob Harris I think it’s very important to regularly develop mutual expectations for a pastor’s top priorities. To do that you need to try to figure out what congregational […]

The Ritual of the Cell Phones

by MaryAnn McKibben Dana This ritual is a way of acknowledging the many roles we play and the constant pull to be connected, to be relevant and useful. That impulse […]