CATEGORY: Church Leadership

Stewardship 101

Stewardship is a spiritual practice that allows us to live out the belief that all we have and all that we are belongs to God. Stewardship is our gifts of time, relationship, worship, thanksgiving, prayer, service, and material possessions. It is a way of living that includes giving.

Faith Formation Resources

To close out our series on faith formation, we asked folks to tell us about their favorite faith formation resources.

Adult Education – Small Groups

Our May 2017 Church Leaders Roundtable focused on adult faith formation. Some of the conversation centered around small groups as a model for adult Christian education. While small groups are popular, they can burn out pretty quickly. Participants in the roundtable discussed models of small groups they found to be most successful.

Adult Education Topics/Curriculum

While there are many excellent resources available for children’s curriculum, it can be difficult to find resources for adult education. Here are some options of curriculum or class ideas vouched for by Presbyterian congregations.

NEXT Church Denominational Listening Campaign Report

In fall 2015 – winter 2016, NEXT Church embarked on a denominational listening campaign. We invited and trained people who have been leaders within NEXT Church to host a listening session with church leaders around questions of “transformational mission.”

Adaptive Change for Congregations Caught in the Cultural Tsunami

At the 2016 National Gathering, Jim Kitchens and Susan Rothenburg led a workshop called “The Unglued Church: Adaptive Change for Congregations Caught in the Cultural Tsunami.” Below you will find the description for their workshop and the Slideshare presentation of what they shared. Is your church “stuck?” A building too big and a membership too small? […]

Good Design for the Church

At the 2016 National Gathering, Jess Fisher led a workshop called “The Medium Is the Message: Good Design for the Church.” Below, you will find the description of her workshop and a PDF of the presentation she used. Do your ministry’s communication materials match your message? As one theorist said, “the medium is the message.” […]