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Creating Safe Spaces

The latest in our video series: Nancy Myer and Kim McNeill reflect on effective child protection policies.

Active Questioning About Transition

All ministry is transitional. We are living in the midst of a sea of change in every element of life: our own and the life of the people, systems, and cultures in which we serve as ministers.

The Art of Making All Things New

A few months ago, I chaired a committee at my synagogue that was charged with reimagining all aspects of synagogue life, and was struck again and again by the similarities of the challenges faced by houses of worship and orchestras across the world.

The Art of Embracing Change

However, the rapid pace of change surrounding both church and society questioned our ideals of stability. Just helping congregations examine its ministry and move through an interim time to the call of a new installed pastor no longer seemed to be enough.

The Art of Transitional Ministry

Ten colleagues and I will offer you a mosaic of perspectives about what it means to be in transition, each a snapshot or a facet of a much greater, God-given mosaic of change, and each written by someone who is an artist — an artist who works with people and systems in the midst of change. Together, we are a mosaic of people and ideas.

Greatest Hit: Challenges of Membership

This fall, in addition to sharing reflections on “what is saving your ministry right now?”, we are also bringing back some of our most popular posts over the last couple of years. We hope these “greatest hits” will allow you new insight in this busy time of year. We invite you to join the conversation here, on Facebook, or Twitter! […]

Tracking Energy Savings with Portfolio Manager

Each month, we post a series of blogs around a common topic. During September, Leanne Pearce Reed is curating a month of blog posts exploring stewardship of all creation. Join the conversation here, on Facebook, or Twitter!