CATEGORY: Christian Education

Building Communities, Not Programs

The latest in our video series: Jen James considers the role of the church in our communities.

What Are We Praying For?

What in the world do I pray for? How exactly does one pray at/for an NFL football game?

Energizers: Movement with a Purpose

Energizers may not be the traditional way of doing worship or teaching the Bible, but is a way and sometimes that’s all that we need – a way to start doing things. God will take care of the rest!

Being Shaped by the Body

There is something powerful about moving in prayer and doing so in community. I believe people are yearning to have faith with their whole selves not just their minds.

A Physical Faith

In a lot of ways our church is still like many: founded and built on the premise that encountering and engaging faith involves a lot of sitting and being still. Passive. Doing faith in our heads. One-way communication from pulpit or teacher. Faith received.

Intergenerational Ministry: How Do We Know?

How can we tell that healthy cross-generational relationships exist and that we don’t just have multiple generations in the same building or even in the same room at the same time? If we believe these relationships are important, how are we intentional about growing and deepening them?

Gathering at The WELL

Making space—sacred space—for one another regardless of age, or stage, or gender, or family configuration is what The WELL is all about.