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I Believe the Children are Our Future

As a Christian educator, I think about those wise words and wonder: When does a child learn he or she is a child of God? God has something to say on this.

Eight Things Your Christian Educator Wants You to Know

Whether paid or volunteer, the work of faith formation leader is never easy. Our voices are not magnified by the pulpit, or empowered with a vote. The following are eight things that those of us involved in the ministry of faith formation want church leaders to know.

Faith Formation Resources

To close out our series on faith formation, we asked folks to tell us about their favorite faith formation resources.

Three Models for Intergenerational Faith Formation

The three models described below are not the only ways to do intergenerational ministry, and this is by no means an exhaustive or authoritative list.

Instilling a Love for the Church

Was my faith strong enough to do this? What about my experience? Will 22 years of living in the suburbs have prepared me at all to live in a city? Have mission trips, Vacation Bible Schools, Montreat conferences, and countless Bible studies prepared me to live into this experience in the way it deserves?

The Blessing that Changed My Life and My Church

These simple, powerful steps transformed our family life, and we didn’t even need to buy a curriculum! Suddenly, all the things we were already doing – sharing, reading, talking, praying and even the “good night kiss” – became part of our family faith formation. Soon I began to wonder: if this works so well in our home, what about in our church?

From SERVING to Serving

In the end, I made myself believe that serving was the only way that I would learn more about myself, grow spiritually, and get closer to God. Then, I burned out.