Covid Protocols

Looking for COVID protocol language? Here was what we used for the 2022 NEXT Church National Gathering.

NEXT Church values centering those on the margins in our practice and planning as part of our commitment to be a more antiracist and anti-oppressive organization. This value drives us to center the most medically vulnerable, as well as young children on-site and at home, as we prepare to gather in May. We also recognize each person has their own level of comfort when it comes to COVID and gathering with others. We are committed to creating an environment that allows you to enter into this space with agency to make the best decisions for your own needs. The following are in service to that environment:


All participants must be fully vaccinated at the time of the National Gathering. Proof of vaccination is required. You may either upload an image of your vaccination card at the time of registration (image protected on our server) or bring your vaccination card to the registration table when you check-in at the gathering. We strongly recommend you are up to date on all available boosters.


REQUIRED: Universal masking is required while inside Anderson Auditorium (including worship, keynote, and the lobby area) and for all cohorts meeting indoors.

RECOMMENDED: Masks are recommended for all other indoor spaces where others are gathered.

OPTIONAL: All outdoor spaces.

If you are traveling on public transportation to get to the National Gathering, we strongly recommend you wear a high quality mask and take the highest precautions available. We also encourage you to wear high quality masks (not fabric only) in the masking-required spaces at the gathering.

Updated 4.25.22

2020 National Gathering Sermon: Floretta Barbee-Watkins

Rev. Floretta Barbee-Watkins preaches during the mid-week worship service at the 2020 National Gathering in Cincinnati.

2020 National Gathering Sermon: Brian Blount

Dr. Brian Blount preaches during the closing worship service at the 2020 National Gathering in Cincinnati.

2020 National Gathering Testimony: Mary Delaney and Cynthia Ford

Mary Delaney and Cynthia Ford offer an impactful testimony about their work in the Lower Price Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati.

2020 National Gathering Testimony: Damon Lynch III & Miriam Terlinchamp

A testimony from the 2020 National Gathering with Rev. Damon Lynch III and Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp.

2020 National Gathering Keynote: De’Amon Harges and Mike Mather

De’Amon Harges and Mike Mather from Broadway United Methodist Church in Indianapolis give a keynote about paying attention, being astonished, and telling somebody.

2020 National Gathering Keynote: Dr. Miguel De La Torre

2020 National Gathering – Keynote with Dr. Miguel De La Torre

2020 National Gathering – Opening Worship

Our 10th National Gathering kicks off with a powerful sermon by NEXT Church Director Jessica Tate.

Intercessory Prayer in the Time of COVID

This intercessory prayer by NEXT Church interim communications specialist Rev. Katherine Lee Baker can be read or used in worship (with appropriate credit).