Building Communities, Not Programs

This month, our blog series is actually a vlog series – a video blog, that is! We’re calling it “The NEXT Few Minutes.” Over the next several weeks, we’ll share with you short, 2-3 minute videos from a variety of folks around the country with the hopes they spark your own imagination. We hope you’ll learn about some trends, ask questions, and think deeply about the practice of ministry in your own setting.

Jen James, a christian educator in the National Capital Presbytery, asks what would happen if we spent more time considering what happened outside of the church walls instead of church programming. What if this year, our churches committed to making healthier communities instead of building up our own programming?  Join the conversation by commenting on this blog post or on our Facebook/Twitter pages!

To see all of our videos in our “The NEXT Few Minutes” series, check out our playlist on Youtube.

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  1. Dianna Wright
    Dianna Wright says:

    Thanks Jen,
    I agree 100%. This thinking is especially important for small church in areas of our community that are not experiencing growth. Instead of focusing on what is not there, get involved in what is there. Our schools is a great place to start. You will find that by looking out the window instead of in the window, God will open up a wonderful world in which your church community can witness to God’s love.

  2. Beth Goss
    Beth Goss says:

    So, Jen, here’s the challenge…where are the folks who are doing this? What would it look like to create a whole new community like this where THE OUTSIDE mission to children and families was the whole point? Thanks for keeping to lift this up.


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