The Work of the People, Done Over Coffee: The Liturgy Collective

by Sharon Core The Busboys and Poets Liturgical Collective takes the Presbyterian belief of connectionalism seriously!  One day, while meeting at Busboys and Poets (Shirlington; Arlington, VA), three Presbyterian ministers […]

“What Really Matters” — Why I Am Attending NEXT

by Chris Chakoian At a time when many of us feel pressured to grow numerically, find money for budgets, keep the older generation happy but fill the pews with young people, […]

The Language of Church

By Mark Thomas Since New Testament times, the church has been understood to be the body of Christ, an organism made up of many parts, yet one in faith, purpose, […]

Get Busy Livin’: Why I Am Attending NEXT

I am attending NEXT Church 2013 because when folks say that the mainline church is in steep decline and that the PC(USA) is “gravely ill,” you can either give up […]

Beyond the Hand-Wringing: Why I Am Attending NEXT

I spend a lot of time with church folks who talk about how fast the culture is changing and how inadequate our 20th century forms of church seem to be to meet the […]

“What It’s Truly About”: Why I Am Attending NEXT

For the past two years I have gone to the NEXT Church conference because I need it.  In fact, I thirst for it.  As a new pastor, I prioritize going […]

Why I’m Coming to NEXT–Betsy Ray

Betsy Ray wears multiple hats: she’s a ruling elder at Black Mountain Presbyterian Church in Western North Carolina, a student at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Charlotte and a teacher at Asheville Middle […]

The Place Where We Are Right

Jessica Rathbun-Cook finished her Masters of Divinity at Union Presbyterian Seminary in 2012, and is hoping to start a PhD program in the fall of 2013. Put simply, Jessica wants […]