Entries by Linda Kurtz

Instilling a Love for the Church

Was my faith strong enough to do this? What about my experience? Will 22 years of living in the suburbs have prepared me at all to live in a city? Have mission trips, Vacation Bible Schools, Montreat conferences, and countless Bible studies prepared me to live into this experience in the way it deserves?

The Blessing that Changed My Life and My Church

These simple, powerful steps transformed our family life, and we didn’t even need to buy a curriculum! Suddenly, all the things we were already doing – sharing, reading, talking, praying and even the “good night kiss” – became part of our family faith formation. Soon I began to wonder: if this works so well in our home, what about in our church?

A Living Time Machine

At our worst, the Church becomes a museum, desperately trying to save relics for people to fondly gaze at – but not participate in. At our best, however, the Church is a living time machine, bringing lessons from the past and hope from the future and molding it into the present.

Faith Formation, Forming Us

During the month of June, the NEXT Church blog will visit various people who are involved in faith formation personally, professionally, and perseveringly. We hope that the posts help you consider how your faith has been formed, and how your faith has formed you.

Finding Inspiration

These days I go to conferences looking mainly for inspiration, which is a lot more fun and has turned out to be thoroughly worthwhile. In the case of NEXT Church National Gatherings, I’ve found inspiration not only in the usual places — worship services and plenaries and workshops — but in the conversations and in the solitary wanderings through a strange city and even in that most-Presbyterian of places: the hotel bar.

Race, Relationship, Repentance

When we discovered that we were, in fact, all white, some uncomfortable questions arose. Immediately we were face to face with the ongoing, glaring sin that we all live with in the Presbyterian Church: we are whiter than God would have us be.