About NEXT Church

NEXT Church is a network of leaders — church members, ruling elders, youth leaders, educators, pastors, seminarians and professors — across the Presbyterian Church (USA) who believe the church of the future will be more relational, more diverse, more collaborative, more hopeful and more agile. We provide hopeful space for robust conversations about the theology, culture, and the practice of ministry, support strong, faithful leadership in a time of adaptive change, and encourage collaboration and creativity across congregations and geographies. We are fostering a conversation about how to follow Christ in our particular day and age. We are a movement seeking to strengthen the relational fabric of the PC(USA) so that our congregations are strong and healthy enough to be a sustained, effective, faithful and moral voice that is engaged in the transformation of our communities toward the common good.

We host a national gathering each year, curate online conversation about the practice of ministry, and are available for preaching and teaching in regional and local settings throughout the year. Each of these settings allows us to carry out these reflective conversations on culture and ministry as well as make and deepen connections in the church.

Going forward, we are focusing our efforts in three main areas:

  • creating training and coaching opportunities in leadership development,
  • equipping and strengthening congregations so they have enough vitality to deepen discipleship and bear witness to Christ in the world, and
  • strengthening the structure and connections in our denomination.