5 Questions with Tara Spuhler McCabe

This series highlights participants at the national gathering in Minneapolis on March 31st – April 2nd, 2014. Presenters, preachers, teachers, and leaders were asked the same five questions and their thoughtful responses may be found here every week. The goal is to introduce you to people you’ll hear from in Minneapolis and prime the pump for our time together. Hopefully, something here will spark an idea, thought, or question for you. We encourage you to reach out and initiate conversations that you can later continue in person. 

Tara Spuhler McCabe is co-leading a workshop on Cultivating Race Conversations: How to Be an Ally.

5 questions

1.     Tell us about your ministry context.

I’m a minister member of National Capital Presbytery, offering Pulpit Supply and ministry coaching for pastors and congregational leadership. I also work part-time at a daycare in our neighborhood providing support to teachers and parents.

2.     Where have you seen glimpses of “the church that is becoming”?

Abstractly, I see this in our tensions/conflicts and how we hold onto each other as we navigate the tension.  The depth and growth is beautiful.  Concretely, I see this with 2.5 immigrant generations cultivating their own brand of Presbyterianism to a daycare that serves the community.

3.     What are your passions in ministry? (And/or what keeps you up at night?)

Honestly, the passion of faith keeps me up at night.  Great Worship! And profound relationships that hem us in as the body of Christ.  We get it wrong too often but we are trying so hard to get it right.

4.     What is one thing you are looking forward to at the NEXT Gathering?

I am looking forward to new conversations and praciticing a renewed conversation with sticky realities like anti-racism or representation in our organizational models.

5.     Describe NEXT Church in seven words or less.

A source of what we are becoming.

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