Just 5 Minutes to Create a Spark

Back by popular demand, the 2024 National Gathering will feature ignite presentations! Do you have a great ministry idea? Are you riffing on a new concept in your head? Do you have a soapbox moment begging for a platform? Ignites are like mini-TED talks with a very strict formula.

5 minutes

20 slides

15 seconds a slide

We didn’t make the rules. You can read more about ignite presentations and how they are designed to breed creativity here.

If you have an idea for any ignite, we invite you to submit a 2 minute video pitching your idea. Submissions are due by February 29, 2024.

Check out some ignites from past gatherings. (Back then they were 7 minutes. Times are changing and we don’t make the rules!)

Submit Your Proposal

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Questions about the gathering? Contact Jen James.