2014 National Gathering Blog Round-Up

LCDHere are some reflections from bloggers on what they heard and experienced at NEXT 2014!

Rocky Supinger continues his NEXT reflections on Leadership, Prototypes, and Infrastructure

Adam Walker Cleaveland took sketchnotes from the live stream. Very cool.

John Vest on Struggling with Exile at #nextchurch2014 and additional metaphors we can use.

Greg Bolt on Recognizing Jesus at #nextchurch2014 and Sacredness, Truth and Love

Steve Lindsley muses on NEXT Church 2014.

MaryAnn McKibben Dana shares her sermon from closing worship: Out of the Shards

Martha Spong, director of RevGalBlogPals reflects on that ministry in light of NEXT

Beth Neel on A New Thing and lighting a fire under our collective patookies.

Andrew Kukla reflects on his reactions: Awe, Inadequacy, Humbled

Christopher Edsmonston reflects on how NEXT has grown and its impact.

Andy Acton on being filled up and ready for what’s next.

Michael Isaacs offers gratitude for NEXT Church. Read why.

John Wilkinson shares some NEXT Greatest Hits!

Layton Williams writes on being called to the holy in-betweens.

And reporting from The Outlook:

2014 NEXT Church conference kicks off by promoting questions and adaptive change

J. Herbert Nelson addresses NEXT Church Conference

What have we missed? Tell us in the comments and we’ll add them to the round-up.

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  1. John Cleghorn
    John Cleghorn says:

    I returned to my church to find that a protestor had written “rebukes” to Caldwell for its justice-focused and inclusive ministry along about 100 feet of the front sidewalk. The contrast of this expression and the gracious message of NEXT was a no-contest in favor of love and justice and I am more confident than ever that the always-reforming church is up to good things. Thanks be to God.

    • Jessica Tate
      Jessica Tate says:

      Ugh. Sorry to hear of the hate-filled message you’ve returned to after a hope-filled week. May the spirit of the gathered community — both in Minneapolis and in Charlotte — support the strength and courage you all need to continue your faithful witness.

      • John Cleghorn
        John Cleghorn says:

        It is all more than outweighed by the support and encouragement we receive from the community. We are used to protestors here and they help us clarify our identity. Thanks be to God.

  2. david bower
    david bower says:

    Next Church gives me hope for the present and future. I’m sensing a call to discernment re: what God is asking me to do.

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