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NEXT Church is teaching elders, students, educators, church members, youth leaders and ruling elders who care about the flourishing of the church of Jesus Christ in ways that are relevant to our communities.


Human Resource

The most valuable resource that NEXT Church has offered me are the people I have met and the relationships I have formed. But the human resource I have found in NEXT Church is more than just companionship.

What's The Best Use of Our Church Space?

In Mark Elsdon’s Ignite presentation, he shares a story about how creative revenue generation and a major impact investment turned a campus ministry on the verge of closing into a vibrant multi-million dollar ministry serving 750 students per year. Whether you are considering a big project like Pres House or just a small project to better utilize your church building space, here's a reflection exercise you could undertake in your own ministry.

What is No Longer So?

In Blair Monie’s short video “What Isn’t Helpful Anymore?” for "The NEXT Few Minutes," he identifies the reality that as people and systems evolve, practices need to change with them and yet we often keep practices the same beyond their usefulness. This reflection exercise could be incorporated in many ways in ministry settings.