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NEXT Church is teaching elders, students, educators, church members, youth leaders and ruling elders who care about the flourishing of the church of Jesus Christ in ways that are relevant to our communities.


Some Big Moves at NEXT Church

I write with a huge dose of gratitude to let you know that my tenure as director of NEXT Church comes to a close at the end of May 2021.

A Significant Amount of American Christians are Inflicting Hell on Earth

That got me thinking about what these same folks thought about hell. Because it seems like it’s often the same folks who are judging which people get to go to hell or not are the ones causing hell on earth for people.

Creating a World that Works for All

Thus, I totally agree with Abdullah’s s suggestion that “we need a change of heart that leads to changes in our priorities and systems.” This change, however, starts from ourselves – the way we think, feel, and act. Then, we can proceed with changing our culture and institutions.