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NEXT Church is teaching elders, students, educators, church members, youth leaders and ruling elders who care about the flourishing of the church of Jesus Christ in ways that are relevant to our communities.


Turning Intentions into Action

Of all the initiatives currently on tap through NEXT Church, NEXT Steps Coaching is the one nearest to my heart. I have seen a pastor’s eyes light up as they finally figure out how to streamline some cumbersome administrative process. I have heard the relief in the voice of a leader who said, “Of course… I never thought about it that way.” And I have witnessed individuals and groups who felt utterly stuck and dispirited find new vitality and purpose.

Welcoming the Refugee, Loving Our Neighbor

Some folks who heard Tom in Kansas City went home and asked their churches whether or not they might be called to refugee resettlement ministry themselves. Here's a reflection exercise appropriate for any faith community who might be engaging in discernment around this or other ministries.

Human Resource

The most valuable resource that NEXT Church has offered me are the people I have met and the relationships I have formed. But the human resource I have found in NEXT Church is more than just companionship.