Regional Gatherings

NEXT Church regional gatherings are popping up around the country, propelled by momentum and hope generated at the national NEXT gatherings. They are opportunities to connect locally with other leaders in the PC(USA) to encourage greater partnerships around shared mission actions and creative, exciting ministry opportunities.

What dream do you have for God’s kingdom in your local community? Affordable housing for seniors? An innovative youth leaders network? Robust campus ministry? These are the kinds of ideas the regional gatherings will embrace and explore. The particulars will depend on the passions of the participants.

Upcoming Gatherings

Ann Arbor, MI – Nov. 8, 2014, 8am-4pm (@ First Presbyterian Church, Ann Arbor) 

Embodied Faith, with keynote by Mihee Kim-Kort. Click here for the flyer. Click here to register.

What does it mean to embody faith as a community of diaspora? Diaspora teaches us to live out being the church on the margins, on the fringes, in solidarity with all God’s people, and leaning into the promise of God’s liberation and redemption for all. It means the church lives as in between — as a place of porous boundaries that allow for syncretistic expressions of reality and possibility. Diaspora as a place of dissonance teaches us to be open, sensitive, and aware of injustices and inequalities everywhere.

Stony Point, New York — Nov. 10, 2014 (@ Stony Point Conference Center)

More details to come this summer–stay tuned. In the meantime, join the NE facebook group to continue the conversation.

In 2013-2014, gatherings were held in the following places:

Southern California — Sept. 27-28 (@ Claremont Presbyterian Church)

Texas — Oct. 18-19 (@ Austin Seminary)

Nashville – Nov. 2 (@ Hillsboro Presbyterian Church)

Stony Point, New York — Nov. 11 (@ Stony Point Conference Center)

Join our facebook group to continue the conversation.

Richmond, VA – Feb. 1 (@ Union Presbyterian Seminary)

Washington, DC/Baltimore — Feb. 22 (@ Saint Mark Pres, Bethesda, MD)

Northern Florida – May 3rd, 2014 – Building Bridges: Being Relational, Reconciling, and Relevant Churches (@ South Jacksonville Presbyterian Church) 


There are conversations about regional gatherings in the following areas:

San Francisco
North and Central Florida
North Carolina
St. Louis
Kansas City
New Haven
Want to join in? Don’t see a gathering near you, but want one? Be in touch with NEXT Church Director, Jessica Tate (


In 2012, gatherings were held in Durham, NC, Washington, DC, Kansas City, St. Louis, Dubuque, IA, and Rochester, NY. You can listen to the presentations at these gatherings here.


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